Wills & Probate 

Most of us of have said it at one time “I really must make a will” but many of us have never actually gone through the process. If you own assets, such as property, shares, money or even family heirlooms, you should make a will.

Making a will ensures that your estate passes to those whom you wish to receive it. Should you die without a will, then it is the law that decides how your property will pass. We will guide you through the process of making your will and talk with you about appointing executors and guardians, making provision for spouses, partners and children, gifts to family members, friends or charities, changing a will, setting up trusts and inheritance tax.

Making a will is easy and inexpensive when you use the services of Redmond LLP. Use our online service to start the process today. Simply record your basic information on the First Steps Questionnaire and contact us to arrange an appointment at a time that suits. Please note that completing this form does not in itself form a legally binding will.

A will can provide an invaluable opportunity as a tax planning device and we will be pleased to advise you as to the various reliefs available and the conditions that must be met for them to apply.

For those whose loved ones have passed away, we are available to advise you in relation to the administration of the estate so contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

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