Striking the right balance

A positive working environment is fundamental to a company’s success. Effective and strategic management of the employment relationship is essential. Employment law is one of the fastest changing areas in our legal system and the impact of this change on the employer and employee is extensive.

We act for both employer and employee and give careful consideration to both perspectives. By taking the time to understand each unique situation thoroughly, we recommend how best to move forward.

In our experience, well drafted contracts, policies and procedures reduce workplace disputes and make it easier and quicker to resolve those disputes that do arise.

Where we can help:

  • draft, negotiate, and advice on employment contracts
  • advice on employment issues such as grievance and disciplinary procedures, statutory obligations and rights and entitlements
  • unfair dismissal and termination of employment
    representation before employment tribunals and courts
    advice on the rights and obligations of employers and employees in the transfer of a business
  • providing risk limitation services for employment and workplace liability issues
  • employment equality and discrimination
  • employment policies and handbooks

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